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7 things I learnt from A to Z #MondayMusings

Well, the month of April has come to an end and with it the challenge of A to Z. All those who have participated will heave a sigh of relief . ( Thank God we’ve got through with X Y and Z)  All those who haven’t participated will also heave a sigh of relief. ( …


The Mask of Zorro

What is the only option when your bedroom becomes a disco with lights flashing through the night ?


Love & Care #MondayMusings

  Currently I’m in a situation that is  physically and emotionally challenging. Of course, I’m not the only one who is going through this situation and nor will this be my last time because taking car of the infirm and elderly is a part of all our lives. But I was faced with a dilemma …


Yet another Monday #MondayMusings

And it’s April even before we know it . This last month of March has literally marched ahead taking me along with it. It was a a mixed bag with half of it spent in the New World and the other half spent in the Old . I have a lot of things to be …


Swallow #TheDailyPost

In normal times we take for granted How easy is it to swallow A bitter pill A sweet compliment But when you are just laid up in bed Propped up by pillows And your muscles slowly constrict To make it hard to swallow Just a drop of water The throat is parched , The muscles …