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My Monsoon Mumbai

A palm tree seen through many raindrops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Well, for all those who’ve been grumbling the whole of June that it’s not rained a drop, that it’s hot as hell, that it’s the el Nino effect ( or la Nina I can’t tell the difference between either!!) I hope you guys are happy …


A lull in the monsoon sky

This June has been the rainiest month in as far as I can remember and like most Mumbaikars, I am happy.All through the hot and hotter days of summer, we longed for the rains and welcomed  the first few drops of rain, savouring the  fresh smell of wet earth. Within days, however, the rain wore …


When the clouds come down

Mumbai is really crowded and gets particularly dirty during the monsoons. However, from my balcony, it seems to be mystical and beautiful especially when the clouds come down as they did this morning.  Even though there were some rain drops on my lens, I felt I had to share this picture. Incidentally this  picture has …