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Looking for the right angle #WordlessWednesday

Perched up at stage height, this photographer is waiting for the right angle. Sharing this with Esha on #WordlessWednesday. I hope today’s call for a Mumbai Bandh is unneeded because we need to get on with life. Violence never solves problems and destruction is self defeating.

Mumbai Diary

Water in a Bubble #FlavoursomeTuesdays

On Monday I was struck with a severe case of Brain Freeze. Hence, on Tuesday I just couldn’t bring myself to host #Flavoursome Tuesday. Luckily my co host Shilpa stepped in and shared some delightful little gems of good health. These recipes are sure to help you in your quest to shed pounds and get… Read More Water in a Bubble #FlavoursomeTuesdays


A staycation at Sahara Star – Mumbai’s best kept secret

  “All I want is a room somewhere , Far away from the cold night air” Thus trilled Eliza Doolittle, in the 1960’s popular musical “My Fair Lady”. While Mumbai has no such cold night air to run away from, there are enough oppressively hot days that make you want to take refuge in a… Read More A staycation at Sahara Star – Mumbai’s best kept secret


Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa

Today it is 10 days since we welcomed the elephant headed God Lord Ganesh into our homes. The tradition of a community Ganesh celebration began 125 years ago when Bal Gangadhar Tilak began this practice to enable people to get together and spread the message of freedom from colonial rule. Today Keshavji Naik Chawl where… Read More Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa


When the tree grows taller than a skyscraper #ThursdayTreeLove

Once upon a time the trees used to dwarf the bungalows that dotted this area. Alas today the skyscrapers not only outnumber the trees but also tower over them . But life is all about perspective and it's strange how this tree seems to be of the same height as the newest skyscraper coming up… Read More When the tree grows taller than a skyscraper #ThursdayTreeLove