Morning & Evening Sky #SkywatchFriday

Last weekend we had some unseasonal showers. Not only were they unseasonal but they were unusual- in some parts of my city the rain was black. Yes, it seemed that the Thundershowers caused a fire on Butcher Island, one of the tiny islets off the Mumbai Coast. Oil is stored on this island and for… Read More Morning & Evening Sky #SkywatchFriday

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Mumbai skies#SkywatchFriday

This Friday marks the beginning of the 10 day Ganesh Festival.The practice of bringing home a clay Ganesh was begun by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an early freedom fighter in India's struggle for Independence. The idea was to get people together to foster nationalism and community. Most of the home help have gone to their homes… Read More Mumbai skies#SkywatchFriday

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Cacophony #FridayReflections

Early in the morning parrots screech outside my window. While some might find it blissful I find it’s cacophony In the middle of the morning cars honk outside the main road passing by the school that’s in the neighbourhood Buses lumber up the hilly road and cause a jam, cars rev up and brakes screech… Read More Cacophony #FridayReflections

Mumbai Diary

When Google got it wrong on Peddar Road

The God of our Times Google has become the uncrowned God of our times with its vast knowledge base. Every so now and then, people cite GOOGLE as the authority to treat diseases, quote facts from history, geography and technology. Google is asked for recommendations on nearby restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals and directions to get from… Read More When Google got it wrong on Peddar Road