Missing the Noise #TheDailyPost

As I sit in my daughter’s apartment in central New Jersey, I realise that something’s missing . Noise . In my city of 19 million souls ( Mumbai’s) I normally wake up to the sound of a rude alarm. Then comes the hiss of a pressure cooker , in a house somewhere, as the contents… Read More Missing the Noise #TheDailyPost


Grasp # The Daily Post

I look out of the window And watch the snow fall down As outstretched arms of trees Reach out to grasp the flakes Before they touch the ground And turn into a muddy puddle. Responding to #TheDailyPost – Grasp


A Snowy Afternoon #WordlessWednesday

Sharing a picture of my first snowy winter . Linking up with #WordlessWednesday hosted by Skygirl who blogs at www.theskygirl.com


Let them eat cake #FlavoursomeTuesdays

An easy to make cake with a hint of vanilla … Read More Let them eat cake #FlavoursomeTuesdays


Snowflakes on Friday #FridayReflections

Inside thoughts that swirl like snowflakes outside … Read More Snowflakes on Friday #FridayReflections