Sologamy is not about sour grapes! #Guest Post #mymojo #wordsante

Are you taken aback by this title? I must admit I was. In fact I wondered what it was all about till I read the whole article. “No man is an island” is the famous saying by John Donne but Shalz¬† shows how sologamy can be more enriching than being the “better half” or the… Read More Sologamy is not about sour grapes! #Guest Post #mymojo #wordsante


Alone together #FridayReflections

This is my take on ‘Alone Together ‘ this week’s prompt on #FridayReflections hosted by Corinne and Sanch at EverydayGyaan. Now we are alone together Here we are alone together Sitting holding hands in the twilight of our lives. Once upon a time we were together but never really alone : we had our parents,… Read More Alone together #FridayReflections


Past fast-forward ? #HalfGirlfriend

  Another 3 am alarm wakes me from a half sleep. I’m getting to be quite good at this. Waking up at unearthly hours to catch the first flight to somewhere.  Gingerly getting out of bed, I make my  way to the bathroom, going through my now familiar ‘getting ready to fly ‘routine . 10 minutes… Read More Past fast-forward ? #HalfGirlfriend

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Who am I to judge?

At the end of every year TIME Magazine puts the photo of most influential person of that year on its cover. For many years it was the MAN OF THE YEAR till it became more appropriate to be gender non-specific and the title was changed to PERSON OF THE YEAR. I normally look forward to… Read More Who am I to judge?


G is for grandchildren and grandparents

Ever since I’ve become a grandmother, I’ve been having a lot of pee and poo on my mind. It is no wonder then that the first word that comes to mind when I think of the letter G is my grandson. The little fellow has been around for just a week over two years now and… Read More G is for grandchildren and grandparents