A Nightsky in Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

This week has been comparatively dry but the heavy downpours have resulted in huge crater like pot holes in several roads of Mumbai. While the roads in my part of the town are comparatively better, the paver blocks have come up in many parts, bits of road have sunk and basically there is almost always… Read More A Nightsky in Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Mumbai Diary

Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Driving down Marine Drive ┬átoday, I saw several people taking pictures of the stormy sky. This was a welcome relief for a city that was literally lashed with high speed winds that blew away umbrellas. The whole of last week was wet , dreary and equally with the wind whistling through the gaps in our… Read More Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday


Skies from New Jersey #SkywatchFriday

And yet another Friday! I can hardly believe it’s time for me to return home to my Mumbai skies. I had come prepared for a hot summer but sadly the skies have been quite erratic – from a gloomy and overcast sky one moment to bright and sunny the next! Here’s a gloomy sky over… Read More Skies from New Jersey #SkywatchFriday


Diminishing Distances #SkywatchFriday

There was a time when the world was flat. Or at least people thought the world was flat  Just fancy that!  Then soon they found the world was round  And travelled on foot , then went on wheels as carts and trains and cars. They went by sea on boats and ships  And distances became… Read More Diminishing Distances #SkywatchFriday