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#MyFriendAlexa – a learning lesson

It’s official I’m out ! Well, to all those participating in Blogchatter’s third season of #MyFriendAlexa, let me assure you that I am officially out of the challenge. I quit this challenge after the first week itself   but have still been visiting some of the posts on the reading lists that I manage to track when …


Where have all those Mondays gone? #MondayMusings

Today I realised that actually I am a lazy person. I also realised that I only function under pressure and with deadlines – after all I am an Indian and we Indians are like that only. Sometimes I find it hard to write, so I find it easy to stick to a meme, or a …


Looking Upwards#Monday Musings

So today is the 1st of February and I’m one step closer to my goal of making this blog sustainable. After blogging for yonks , I found that I was getting nowhere and was terribly disheartened and had thought of giving it all up. Newbies who were just one year old bloggers had followers in …