Clear skies # SkywatchFriday

Mid week I experienced my first ever snow storm. Luckily from where I sat, the snow looked harmless as it came down gently. But as the snow ploughs trundled down the streets, I realised that it wasn’t as innocuous as it seemed . There were heaps of snow collected on the pavements. So I was… Read More Clear skies # SkywatchFriday


New Jersey skies #SkywatchFriday

Not being from this part of the world, I have no idea of what a February sky in New Jersey is normally like . The skies have been quite cloudy especially at sunrise so I was lucky to capture this shot . And later on the whole sky turned into a gorgeous red gold .… Read More New Jersey skies #SkywatchFriday


Sunrise in Pune #SkywatchFriday

I was in Pune early this week and managed to catch the sun peeping out from behind the trees . That evening I captured the moonrise which looked uncannily like the sunrise in the morning . Did you see the Blue Moon on the 31st ? It didn’t live up to the hype but it… Read More Sunrise in Pune #SkywatchFriday


A feathery pink sunrise #SkywatchFriday

Spectacular sunsets are common enough from my bird’s eye view of the city . Sadly though, the proliferation of tall buildings is slowly spoiling my sunrises. This Wednesday, however , I was treated to a crimson, pink sunrise that slowly unravelled to a glorious day. I was filling up the kettle to boil the water… Read More A feathery pink sunrise #SkywatchFriday

Mumbai Diary, Photos

Good morning Friday#SkywatchFriday

As I was making Ms Papaya’s breakfast this morning , I chanced upon this gorgeous sky outside my kitchen window. I just couldn’t help stop and stare and at the risk of overdoing the sunny side up, I quickly captured this wonderful Friday sky. Hope all of you have a great weekend ! Why don’t… Read More Good morning Friday#SkywatchFriday