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Memories of a sad day #WordlessWednesday

Still waters run deep Who would imagine that these still waters would one dark night launch a night of horror? This afternoon I was invited to lunch and happened to look out . I saw this quiet fishing village in the South of Mumbai. I then realised that this was the spot where 6 armed …

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It was just another ordinary day

It was just another ordinary day. I woke up in the morning took my medication, had my breakfast , And went about my ordinary day. The children came , we had lunch together and went about our ordinary day. Then suddenly my father in law burst out of his room like the bombs that burst …


One year older and none the wiser

For the past one week my city is building up a hype about the anniversary of the blackest day in its history. In keeping with the spirit of things there are already dark clouds settling over the skyscrapers. Getting up before the sun these past few days, I found myself staring out into a thick …

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Walking through the Taj after Mumbai’s Terror attack

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Just watching sast night’s news item covering the re-opening of Mumbai’s premier hotels which were under attack a mere three weeks ago brought me close to tears. Not one for crying, I found it hard to watch the footage of the brave Staff of the Taj solemnly walk into the hotel, to the standing ovation …