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Shooting Hoops #ThursdayTreeLove

I always wonder what stories this tree has to tell . It’s in our back garden and overlooks the basketball hoop that has seen many a romance flourish between two youngsters who are “playing basketball” . Of course there are times when it has seen real action with the teenagers actually shooting hoops. And there …

Mumbai Diary

The Baobab at Victoria Gardens #ThursdayTreeLove

  I haven’t been out much these days because Wow Dinga’s summer vacations have been extended and my mornings go by in keeping an eye on him.  Luckily this works out well for Ms. Papaya who otherwise would have been bored. But since the time is too short to make a quick trip anywhere, I …

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Deceptive perspective #ThursdayTreeLove

Life isn’t always what it seems


Dead Beauty#ThursdayTreeLove

Looking out into the valleys I wonder how many things the remains of this moss laden tree has seen . Will it fall down soon or live through another monsoon? Linking up with #ThursdayTreeLove-41 hosted by Parul.

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Before the summer ends #ThursdayTreeLove

The normally blossoming Jacaranda is surprisingly bare this year