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A Room with a View

Today’s prompt takes me back to my secondary school days when in our graduating year we had to study E.M. Forster’s novel with the same name. I remember it being an interesting book with shades of romance, tinged with history,¬†exposing of the shallow mores of Edwardian society in Forster’s inimitable biting prose. I can still… Read More A Room with a View


Skies from Putrajaya

Putrajaya ,  the administrative capital of Kuala Lumpur  25 Km south of Kuala Lumpur is  made out of a former Palm Oil plantation. A complete city with its own man made lake, schools, hotels, commercial space and of course residential areas, is meant only for the civil servants who run Malaysia. It is easily accessible by… Read More Skies from Putrajaya


Not just an ordinary tin pot

During my recent trip to Malaysia we visited the Royal Selangor Pewter factory. It was not always Royal Selangor but started out as an ordinary cottage industry and has now grown into the largest pewter factory in the world. I have several pieces of pewter (dusty beer mugs, some salt cellars and candelabra) which were… Read More Not just an ordinary tin pot