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Mumbai Diary, PHOTO

Look Ma No Traffic!!!! #WordlessWednesday

It’s 4 in the afternoon and this normally busy road is empty ! What’s wrong with this city? Where have all the people gone? It’s Diwali and you can actually walk in bhaji gulley . The neighbourhood is deathly quiet – not a pataka to be heard. Can’t believe it’s Diwali! Sharing this with on …


Psssst….watch this space #WordlessWednesday

Image for Wordless Wednesday

Once there was a magnificent building owned by a famous gynaecologist. But times change, the building changed hands and now a new construction is coming up. How will it look ? How high will it be ? Who will be living here? Just watch this space and see. This is what Mr.Curly Top seems to …


Clean & Green #WordlessWednesday

I was waiting in traffic when I saw this wall with the message by the Pune Municipal Council exhorting the citizens to plant more trees . The rest of the message said that green is clean. But I’m quite sure they didn’t mean that plants should grow wild out of a wall that’s holding up …


Balloon Heads for Ravan #WordlessWednesday

Updating an old story


Face Off #WordlessWednesday

I’m not really into cats but these days thanks to the ‘Good Samaritan ‘ who insisted on making my building into a feeding spot for the neighbourhood cats, I can’t help noticing these felines prowling around. I caught this cat staring at me from under a car while I was getting into my own . …