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Reflective Mood #WordlessWednesday

A grey Mumbai day is reflected in this glass fronted building. Don’t let the weather get you down ! Have a happy Wednesday. Sharing this on #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha.


Scratching my head in Wonder #WordlessWednesday

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Mumbai is known for its innovations. With a large number of its citizens living in homes that aren’t permanent, there’s always someone looking for a quick bite on his way to or from home. This man scratching his head at seeing a sign “Veg Chinese Bhel” had me scratching my head in wonder too! What …


It’s a Dog’s Life After All ! #WordlessWednesday

My cousin was visiting from California last week so I thought I’d meet him at a trendy eatery . It was hot and humid and just the right time to wash down a meal with artisan beer. So I chose to meet at “Doolally”. I was astonished when I saw this Kemp’s Corner Pooch confidently …


Tunnel Vision #WordlessWednesday

Travelling through a tunnel makes my heart skip a beat. I literally hold my breath while going inside one . Sharing this photo with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday.


Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday

A cheery sight on a morning walk