Art from Scrap or Scrappy Art?#WYHO

A typical Saturday is spent Mall Crawling. Alas! I’ve finally revealed my deepest, darkest secret – I love Mall Crawling especially  at Phoenix High Street , Parel  because I love soaking in the ambiance that luxury brands exude and the comforting thought that even if I can’t afford Chanel couture, I can at least afford a… Read More Art from Scrap or Scrappy Art?#WYHO


And the theme is…………..

I’ve almost always been late for any challenge so this time it is a first for me to actually be well in time for the A to Z challenge. The A to Z challenge requires 26 posts, one each day for each letter of the alphabet. While I do land up writing something or the… Read More And the theme is…………..


The golden kiss of the setting sun

Mumbai’s winter has finally left us and I put away the light sweater that was lolling around on the rocking chair these past few days. Our Winter is not cold enough to really wear a sweater, but often the slight chill in the air becomes uncomfortable when the wind is blowing so one really has… Read More The golden kiss of the setting sun


Shattered Dreams – Coping with adversity.

Paperback: 404 pages Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First edition (23 January 2015) Language: English Rama has grown up and is now a young married man. Taking off from where the story ends in Book 1, Shubha Vilas continues to weave the magic of the Ramayana in yet another collection of little known stories of the epic that we… Read More Shattered Dreams – Coping with adversity.


My Mumbai nightsky

There are just a few days in the year when the visibility in Mumbai is crystal clear. Much before the skyscrapers came up outside my balcony, I could see the hills on the mainland ! However, I glanced at the night sky last week and felt the same crispness in the air, the same clarity… Read More My Mumbai nightsky