Ageless Yoga is a way of life #WATWB

Yoga for life   I have been doing Yoga for almost 40 years now but wait, don’t get impressed – My  practice has been erratic. It’s been off and on and more off than on. In my most recent off phase, I was actually thinking of throwing away my Yoga mat, my Yoga belt and… Read More Ageless Yoga is a way of life #WATWB


Stretching to conclusions #InternationalYogaDay

    Yoga goes International Ever since I attended Rujuta Divekar’s book launch where she pooh poohed the idea of an International Yoga Day, I’ve found the concept of dedicating a day to Yoga  very funny. As she said, Yoga is or rather should be as integral to our lives as daal chawal . This, incidentally… Read More Stretching to conclusions #InternationalYogaDay

Guest Posts, Opinions

Benefits of Yoga #Guest Post 5 

I came across Rajalakshmi during this year’s A to Z challenge .She is  a “Software Engineer by profession, a dreamer by choice. Apart from coding bugs for livelihood, she indulges in Crafts and Writing to keep her creativity alive. Loves reading sci-fi, creating shape poetries and paper quilling models, watching Korean movies and is somehow ‘unknowingly’… Read More Benefits of Yoga #Guest Post 5 


Yoga for exercise and also for laughter

Sticking to the challenge was  the real challenge for me – to blog every day despite my life that asks me to cut myself in a thousand different parts to do a hundred different things – all at once. So Y is for YOGA what else?  I’ve been doing Yoga on and off (more off… Read More Yoga for exercise and also for laughter


Thank God It’s Thursday

No, you aren’t reading wrong, I am grateful that today is Thursday because it is the fourth/last Thursday of the month and time to count the reasons for being thankful. For one, I’m thankful that today is the India-Australia match because it will mean less or rather no traffic on the streets hence less noise… Read More Thank God It’s Thursday