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Mumbai Marathon 2009

Unlike the previous years, this year’s Marathon was not run in the cool winter of Mumbai.

With the terror of the Mumbai attacks still fresh in our minds, it was amazing though, that people came out in large numbers to run for fun, run for a cause and of course run for the prize money.
But the weather does seem to have played spoil sport because by the time the participants came to Pedder Road, there were several sagging spirits which no amount of cheering could perk up! I salute these folks particularly since they are eventually ordinary people with a desire to do something different!

I thought these groups of people had a message -yes they did albeit a commercial one. The drops of water were sponsored by Eureka Forbes and the walking suitcases were advertising a space saving idea. Participant 4759 actually said “Senior Veteran” but the young lad sporting this label hardly looked senior enough!

This old man scared away his young supporters!

It was amazing to see several grey haired and even white haired persons zipping across with enthusiasm and spirit like this gentleman!

The Marathon is not without its drawbacks though. For those of us who live along the path, it is literally a house arrest for the better part of the day. With all roads closed to vehicular traffic we have no choice but to wait till half past two when the last of the stragglers has reported to the finish point. As long as you don’t have a heart attack it is fine but what happens if you do? I can wait till next year to find out!

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  1. I love the pictures and the new look of the blog! The old man did look scary… I am so glad that our city is regaining its spirits.

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