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Since our last Sunday’s program was nixed thanks to poor planning. (We wanted to see Tom Cruise in Valkyrie but it seems that the whole of Mumbai had a similar idea which is why when we went to Sterling for the afternoon show, it was all sold out), I made sure that this Sunday’s movie program actually happened. Perhaps it is due to the convenience of on line booking, telebooking or whatever but no queues at the window doesn’t necessarily imply empty seats waiting for the last minute viewer.

I still find it amazing that Multiplexes manage to be sold out! For someone who has seen almost every movie as a Rs.2.50 Matinee in the balconey at Sterling, Rs. 270 at Inox seems high treason. I miss those movie treats which included an ice lolly and a packet of pop corn all for the princely sum of Rs.5 per head! I only watch a movie in the theatre only if it comes highly recommended. My major movie consultants are my daughters but after seeing Delhi 6 I must go for a second opinion of a movie critic…..

Yes, Delhi 6 was a real waste of time. The beginning was so swift that before I even realised it,Roshan had flown into Delhi. For a person who had spent his entire life in the US of A, Roshan’s instant understanding of the Monkey man report at the arrival lounge was simply amazing! More so since his his parents had assiduously avoided the motherland except for the solitary visit for the grandfather’s cremation! This was one of the many flaws that gradually became apparent once the movie unfolded. Are the people in our Capital city still observing the rules of untouchability?????And are people so easily influenced by God men? While the ending was contrived and totally idiotic ( how did Roshan get into a monkey man suit within seconds of hearing that Bittoo was leaving? As for Bittoo herself – ultimately she succumbed to the time tested way of getting out – marrying a good boy from over there so what’s the big deal in being brave and strong and different by trying to audition for Indian Idol?

Acting-wiseI personally don’t care for Abhishek Bacchan finding his speech incomprehensible and his acting wooden but another disappointment was Cyrus Sahukar who looked decidedly unlecherous. The rest of the cast was cliched and played their parts well – Bittoo looked a bit too young for Roshan but was breath of fresh air.

So at least for now, this Director’s movie will be a no no for me unless he radically throws off his Aesop’s garb and tells a proper tale.

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