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Ladies who Lunch – Review of SOAM

SOAM, the fast food place right across the Babulnath Temple is supposedly a competitor to the iconic Swati that all NRIs flock to come December. But this is decidedly unfair because while the concept remains same, the ambience and food is quite different.
Unlike the clean minimalistic grey of Swati, SOAM has some colour with its sunny yellow walls. The dull beaten brassware that is used for serving ( and also put up as decorative items) give the place a warm homely feel.
We started out with a plate of lip smacking assorted starters : the yummiest spinach and paneer samosas, fluffy conical dhoklas wrapped in a banana leaf, kothmir wadis and a piece of handvo.
SOAM spoils you for choice because it offers traditional fare with a twist. We ordered the lip smacking “Khichu” which was made with Moong daal flour instead of the traditional rice. I suppose this makes it more healthy especially when it is eaten doused with oil and spicy red chilli powder!

All this was washed down with chilled thandai and a uniquely spicy peppermint and coriander chaas.

The steamed pangis simply melt in the mouth .

We tried a crunchy summer salad of cracked wheat, diced green mango and chopped tomato and were not disappointed.
With the four of us sharing what we ordered, we had a wonderful time tasting, talking and enjoying the delightful lunch a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach!

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