Enchanting evening of Western Music

Yesterday was one of those crazy days with diametrically different aspects:both spatially and emotionally Almost at the crack of dawn, I began with my trek to Khargar to meet someone at the St. Jude’s facility which will be opened next Saturday. It ended with a wonderful evening of western classical music at the Tata Experimental Theatre.In the middle of the day, I had to deal with the painters and the dilemma of “to paint or not to paint” since our upstairs neighbours are intending carrying out major repairs including ripping out their floors………

Maciej Pikluski , the pianist in question was a young Pole who had the cutest French accent. The program said Shcubert but actually he began with a familiar Chopin waltz – all the more enjoyable since it is one of Anna Shetty’s favourite pieces and at one time heard frequently being played on her piano.
NCPA’s experimental theatre is a far cry from the grandeur of the Bhabha Opera house or the old fashioned charm of the original NCPA auditorium but it more than makes up for the bad accoustics and school hall aesthetics with its sheer intimacy and charm. The small group actually makes the performer a part of the audience . In his charming French English, Pekluski actually asked the audience to help while he searched for the word to describe the piece he was about to play. This was indeed helpful as he played some very unfamiliar (to me at least) Liszt and Rachmaninoff. I loved the way his fingers effortlessly danced over the keys, trilled to perfection and his curly locks danced madly as he emphatically played out the dramatic and wild parts.

The appreciative audience was surprisingly quiet and there was not a whimper, a whisper or muffled cough or a  raspy clearing  throat during the movements……Strange since most of the audience was from some Bagh or the other ( including some specimens from Rani cha bagh!). However, seeing the same familiar faces  greyer and crinkled was a bit disheartening and I feel if there is a young pianist playing, audiences should be given masks so that the performer doesn’t feel he is in  a geriatric ward.

I wound up the evening by a wonderful mushroom soup and rather indifferent Sicilian Chicken as the main course at Spaghetti Kitchen at CR2 a misnomer really since CE1 no longer exists.

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