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Tales of an Indian Farmer # 5 : Busting Myths

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In today’s busy world, many urban Indians are thinking of  returning to their roots and doing  farming. About 120 km away from the busy metropolis of Mumbai is the  sleepy village of Abje.
This village has been the same since I first saw it over 40 years ago and many of the photos taken then could have been taken today. 
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This morning’s heavy downpour made me long for the sunny day last week when we visited Abje. A visit in the middle of the month was a welcome change from our routine Mumbai life and while we were waiting for the Patils to arrive, we watched village life go past us in a slow unhurried way.
Two bullocks taking a break from tilling the rice field
Tiny specks of paddy planters labouring in the mid-day sun
Fashionably dressed in high heeled sandals and painted nails,
these happy school girls are returning home after the morning shift
A Reliance tower reaching out to the clouds!

Abje village that is in Palghar District, north of Mumbai, has a large number of tribals or Adivasis. These people have moved into the 21st Century now with brick and cement houses replacing their traditional bamboo ons.

The children roam around with mobile phones and drink Coca Cola.

But some things never really change.

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  1. Marvelous, moody skies! Great captures for the day! Thank you for participating in Sky Watch as we begin our 4th season! Have a lovely weekend!Sylvia

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