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Coconut Day

Hooray ! Today is coconut day.

 From this day on the seas get calmer, the skies get bluer, the clouds whiter, the days sunnier and drier and obviously the rain begins itsjourney back to where it came from. Traditionally this is the day when people offer coconuts to the sea but honestly speaking in all my life, I’ve really never seen anyone flinging coconuts into the sea. But what I do remember about this festival is the simply yummy coconut toffee which is my all time favourite sweet.

Coconut barfi cooling in the dish. 

What I also love about this festival is the fact that the roads are less mucky, the air less muggy and the seas have tiny sea horses bobbing on a water that is slowly turning from murky brown to a clear blue.

But what really makes me truly happy is the bounty of the sea that will be ours to share once again as the fisherfolk set out once again.

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