The Taj Palace re-opens its doors once more

Last Sunday we were invited to see the new old Taj or the Taj Palace Hotel as this wonderful establishment is known. Ever since it was built all those years ago, the Taj has become a part of Mumbai and today it is as recognized as its iconic neighbour the Gateway of India as a symbol of Mumbai.

A welcome carpet of flowers seen from the fourth floor.

So when Ryan asked us if we would like to see the Taj restored to its old self, we jumped at the chance. In typical Taj fashion we were given a personalised tour of the renovated rooms by a pretty young guide. While walking through the corridors I couldn’t help remember those horrible days when terror struck our city and we asked our guide about it.

Looking down the up staircase

Her calm and subdued  voice as she described her experience of 26/11 completely masked the fear she must have felt that night and she took us along the tour with the ease of a seasoned professional. Guiding us along the corridors she  pointed out the paintings that show cased local talent. We visited two of the fabulously renovated rooms which combined the old and the new so seamlessly that you can actually use WiFi or watch your favourite movies on a flat screen tv while settling down in a thoroughly classic old fashioned fat cushioned bed!

Looking up at the dome that saw it all

Freshly painted and newly restored the exquisite wood worked corridors bathed in daylight filtering through still work their ethereal magic as the grand dome presides over everything that transpires beneath its prepossessing  canopy.

And finally when all was said and done, we were gifted a small white box. Opening the gauze ribbon we found nestled inside four delectable chocolates imprinted with the dome of the Taj. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

An expression of thanks

With the Taj now functioning as it was in days of yore, the last wounds of that horrific terror attack seem to be slowly healing. Or are they just an excellent restoration cleverly masking the damage below?

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