The Tibetan Sweater Sellers

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This year after a long long time, we are actually seeing a Mumbai Winter. For those of you from colder climes this is no better than a warm summer day but for us Mumbaikars, it is good enough to bring out our winter clothes. Early in the morning you will find watchmen  wrapped up in mufflers and wearing great coats, huddling by a fire or warming their hands on a steaming hot cup of chai.

It is no wonder then that these Tibetan Sweater sellers are displaying more wares than they normally do. At around 10 in the morning at Nana’s Chowk, they were doing pretty brisk business and I actually had to wait a while to get these shots between customers.

Since I didn’t need any winter wear, I thought it prudent not to engage in conversation and I’m sure I’ve missed a tale. But this year, the Tibetans will go back happier than last year with most of their stuff being sold.

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