Mall of Mumbai: Bhuleshwar

Complete Temple Drum set

This strange looking contraption is all that is needed in short staffed temples these days. A single man can clang the bells, beat the drum and clap the cymbals! An ingenious way indeed to tackle the shortage of manpower.
Offerings to God

Almost every second building in Bhuleshwar houses a temple so it is no wonder then that there are several shops selling articles useful in the traditional pooja. There a brass shops selling idols of every God imaginable, bells, clappers, and huge lamps
Ready made sarees to fit any Goddess
And bobbles for the hair

The bye lanes have shops selling ribbons and hair thingies, laces and blouses ready to wear in velvet and lycra. 

Looking to store saris? 

I basically braved the heat and dust this afternoon to scout around  for bags to store my sarees. My cupboard is filled with rarely worn saris and whenever I do decide to wear one, there is a mad rush for the blouse and petticoat . So I decided to be a bit more organised and keep each sari with its own blouse and petticoat in its own “envelope” bag. Bhuleshwar is just the place to find every conceivable storage option – clear plastic cases, organdie cases, vanity bags, mobile pouches……….. You name it, they have it.
Water vessels

Tramping through the street in the hot afternoon sun made me wish these terracotta pots were filled with water! 

Heaps of Bangles

Apart from the traditional chaniya cholis, bangles and bindis, Bhuleshwar is a costume jewellery junkie’s dream. Shop after shop has amazing designs and the spillover on the streets is mind boggling too!

From Head to Toe

Bhuleshwar is the place to find the oddest commodities. Where else would you find a vendor selling head gear and socks for children sitting cheek by jowl with a vendor of fresh flower garlands to wear in your hair? 

Summer harvest

Most housewives venture out in the afternoon sun to preserve the goodness of summer in jars of pickles and jams. Bhuleshwar is the best place to come for the best mangoes , Amlas, and tamarinds and all kinds of fruit that grows wild in the country side.

More religious stuff

There is one whole lane dedicated to items of worship where you can get all kinds of prayer beads, cotton wicks, prayer rugs…………..


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