Sky from Shang Hai

I’ve just returned from a trip and still can’t get over the wonder that was China. There are really no words to describe this amazing country. The roads are cleaner and better than those I’ve seen anywhere else before, the architecture is amazing and above all the people are simply warm and caring. I loved the food in China especially the crisp green vegetables and the delicately spiced meats.

View from the Bund during at sunset
On our first evening in Shanghai we visited the Bund, the famous waterfront along the Huangpu river. Lined with majestic colonial buildings housing banks and famous hotels, these remnants of Western influence have now been dwarfed by the wonders created by modern China.However their beauty has been preserved and today one can walk down the waterfront which is cleaned up and free of messy fishing boats and appreciate the old “living architecture” interspersed with the grand statement made by modern China.: majestic, tall structures reaching out to the sky . These modern structures with  coloured glass glinting the sun have an almost surreal  beauty when lit up at night. As we cruised down the river we were treated to a night skyline truly unrivaled by any in the world.
the Shanghai night sky

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