An Autumn sky in Boston

Welcome back!

No I am not anywhere near this tree but my sky is so grey and gloomy that I thought I’d share some pictures from my archives. Two years ago  in Boston I found this fat little squirrel perched on a tree outside the window. This was my first experience of a New England Fall and I was captivated by the changing colours of the leaves. I took several pictures of the trees against the sky like this gorgeous orange gold against a clear blue sky.

In my city too, the trees shed leaves during  Winter and have pretty pink shoots peeping out in Spring but most of the time the trees are a gorgeous green occasionally becoming red like the Gulmohar in  full bloom, purple like the Jacaranda or even golden yellow like the rusty shield bearer or the laburnum.

Alas the trees are slowly getting rare with many of them falling down like the grand old tree that was uprooted this evening. And with the concrete jungle proliferating faster than any natural jungle, I am sure the only trees my grandchildren will recognize will be those in picture books.

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Author: Unishta

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  1. autumn colors are so beautiful, i feel a twinge of envy when i see autumn photos in blogs. we only have two seasons here, dry and wet, and right now, we're half-submerged.

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