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The Mother of All Loves – Cow & Calf Day

File:Cow and calf K9486-1.jpgToday is Vasu Baras or the day of the Cow & Calf – a day whose significance is lost in the march of the modern world. In the good old days when ours was an agrarian economy, this 12th day of the month is supposed to be a day when we remember and honour a cow and its young calf in recognition of Motherhood,  the Mother of all Loves with the cow and her young one  representing this highest form of love.

Motherhood and extolling the virtues of motherhood is a recurrent theme in our culture and our daily lives. The Fridays in the month of Shravan  are dedicated to children . Young girls are specially blessed with  a “May you have a 100 sons” and of course the female power is embodied in the concept of a Mother Goddess.

Kojagiri Poornima, the time of year when the moon is closest to the earth ,  which fell on the 11th of October this year is another such day when a mother is supposed to honour her first born child with a gift which is white coloured ( once again white symbolising the romantic love at its best and purest – with the moon’s proximity to the earth ). On this bright night too, the goddess of wealth is supposed to go from house to house asking “Who is awake?” and filling the homes of those who are, with  peace and prosperity.

While I have never celebrated Kojagiri Poornima with gifts, my mother has religiously given me one but I have of course kept the door of my house wide open to welcome the goddess to my home on on her nocturnal jaunt.

My friends and I who are all  in a state of semi-mothering that limbo land between active mothering and grand-mothering are rediscovering the joys of being foot loose and fancy free. With no crying babies to tend to, no homework schedules to follow, no extra curricular activities on our calendar, with chocolate free fridges and lots of time to do really nothing we often ask ourselves if motherhood is a much made of emotion. Do mothers really love their children at all? And can this love be truly unconditional? And can this love be equal?

Having said that, all of us are secretly pleased as punch with our own children, gaze longingly at their baby photos and are bursting with pride as we see them step forth into the world as confident young adults. Truly motherhood is the expression of love like no other , a fulfillment of emotions unmatched and like everything else in life comes with its set of opposites : joy and sorrow, pride and embarrassment.

To all the mothers out there in the world Happy Cow & Calf Day. May this first day of the festival of lights be the start of a joyous festival season full of laughter and harmony in the company of your dear and loved ones.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the calf becomes the cow and the cycle goes on! great piece unishta!

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