Mumbai in December

Several years ago when I was visiting Poland in June, the chambermaid cleaning our room was amazed to see me wearing a wind cheater while she wore a sleeveless top and shorts. She looked aghast and asked where I came from as this was a really warm day in Warsaw. I told her that where I came from it was the coldest day I’d experienced and she couldn’t believe it.
These days with global warming it is even more true. Gone are the days when a Mumbai December meant mild sunshine and nippy mornings. Alas, we’ve been having hot humid days reminiscent of summer and last week’s brilliant skies were clear and bright like our pre-monsoon skies. So I’ve captured these skies to share with all of you this week . I hope they bring you as much joy as they did me.
A city waking up

In keeping with our new tradition of seeing a movie a week, Anna Shetty and I decided to see “The Help” currently playing in our Mumbai multi plexes. Surprisingly for an English movie morning show this show had a sizeable audience of 30 people and what was more suprising was that the audience was predominantly female. Of course considering the subject a topic dear to our hearts : domestics and the problems of getting them, this movie was a scary reminder of how close we are to losing this oft taken for granted luxury.

Marine Drive under a blue sky

One of the major topics of discussion in Indian households is criticism of the house help. Both of us were engrossed by the movie. We loved the story line and even though the story line was predictable, the performances were engaging . I can see this movie getting an Oscar nomination.

Good morning Mumbai!

Definitely a movie not worth missing.

Reflections in granite



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  1. Mumbai winter always reminds me of good old 'Illustrated Weekly' which used to carry a column called Gallimaufry by ?R K Lang hammer. In one of the articles he wrote how when the winter sets in 'in Bombay the Parsees bring our their mothball scented woolens to go out to see movies in odd cinema theaters like Metro'!!Dad

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