Month: March 2012


Do not feel sad to let me go

Do not feel sad to let me have to go your way. our times together were happy onesand days of sorrow toowe laughed and cried and enjoyedour many precious years but time moves on and you did toowithout a backward glanceyou chose to tread another pathwhich had no space for me. fill not your heart with …


Life is a not a one way street

Life is not a one way street a road just meant for you this narrow road with bumps and twists is meant for all to share you make place for some, or wait behind and watch the others go then someone comes along and stops and clears the way for you. our journey in this …


Parking on one side only!

The sights of Mumbai never cease to amaze me and I always carry a camera along to record things that happen. While at Bhaji Gully this morning I got a phone call from home asking me to pick up some stuff from Tiwari Brothers at the corner of Opera House. So I went down Kennedy …