Month: April 2012

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

Ice cream on discount?

Image for summer coolers

A discount hard to resist Ice cream is my all time favourite. Actually it is one of my all time favourites since I basically have a sweet tooth. But like all people, I love a bargain and couldn’t resist the offer of an ice cream on discount. Especially in the middle of summer. One summer …


Summer Blossoms on Alexandra Road #SkywatchFriday

When Mumbai was Bombay and Kashibai Navrange Road was Alexandra Road this tree still blossomed as it does today. Thank God for that! For many years I’ve been fascinated by this tree and its funny branches reaching out with round berries and exotic white flowers. What tree is it? Are these just parasites? I wonder? …


For all those lucky people who still have mothers

With Mother’s Day literally round the corner now, several emails regarding mothers and motherhood have begun doing the rounds. I would like to share today a message that I got from a friend whose mother is currently in a state of dementia. With his father in and out of hospital, the poor guy and his …

FOOD, Restaurants

Lunch at Indigo Deli @ Phoenix Mills

We were originally slated to go for lunch to Cafe Zoe this afternoon.  But early in the morning I learned that it was closed for renovation.  Hence we changed our  venue to Indigo Deli at Phoenix Mills. I was first introduced to Indigo and its style way back when it first opened. It was in …


What am I?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― E. James Rohn I don’t know who E. James Rohn is but I do know one thing : I hang out most with two senior citizens ( one 84 year old father in law and an 81 year old mother in law), …


Shopping & More – The Great Eastern Store

Teak wood entrance Yesterday I spent one of the most fascinating mornings shopping . Situated right in the middle of the city, behind the walls of the crumbling New Great Eastern Mills on Dr. Ambedkar Road is a fascinating store quite unlike any I’ve seen in Mumbai so far. In fact we overshot the gate …