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Ice cream on discount?

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A discount hard to resist

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Ice cream is my all time favourite. Actually it is one of my all time favourites since I basically have a sweet tooth. But like all people, I love a bargain and couldn’t resist the offer of an ice cream on discount. Especially in the middle of summer.
One summer afternoon,  I decided to do my grocery shopping for the month as this was the only time that I could park my car without fear of it being towed away. So I parked my car at  Breach Candy and went to my next favourite shop in the world ” Sahakari Bhandar” which pretty much stocks up my monthly essentials.  I was lugging along my grocery basket when the offer of a Rs 12 for a scoop of mango ice cream caught my eye.
For one day only, the first of every month, Gelato icecream offered this unbelievable scheme! An ice cream for almost next to nothing . No wonder people lined up two deep all the way up the lane.

Since I had no intention of coming back the next day, I thought I’d go in and see what was available. I was pleasantly surprised to find an ice cream for all of Rs 20!!! This Super Cooler offer was too good to be true.

The flavours were pretty mind boggling – kala khatta, some purple gooseberry, a deep orange with brown bits and a pineapple flavour which caught my fancy.  I enjoyed  Rs. 30 scoop which was tangy and sweet, and deliciously cool as it slid down my throat. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the poky, bits of pineapple.

I decorously had only the one and wanted to go for more…. but better sense prevailed.
Sadly, this outlet has since closed down but I still look for deals – especially in ice cream.
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