Your Money or Your Life

Little do we know that mobile companies have been asking the citizens of Mumbai  to choose between their  money or their lives. And instead of  holding the gun, we are being terrorized by Mobile towers . This morning I got a phone call from a friend asking me to join a silent protest against Maheshwari Niketan which has allowed as many as 18 Mobile towers on its terrace.

“All you need to do is wear a black T shirt and show up at 10”.

I quickly got dressed and walked down the road wondering how many people were going to show up as expecting  even five people to leave their homes on a Sunday morning before 10 is like asking for the moon; so I was pleasantly surprised to find more than half a dozen people on the road holding banners for passersby to see.

The demonstration was peaceful as promised with all the protesters wearing surgical masks and curious motorists leaning out of the window trying to read what was written as they passed by. The cops came and took “cognizance ” of the crowd and went into a huddle not knowing what else to do.  I asked one of the agitators what it was all about. It was quite simple really  – it seems that the telecom companies are flouting all norms of reasonably allowed radiation and exposing the entire populace of our country to this needless risk. This could easily be avoided by using towers emitting lower/less radiation, providing boosters to strengthen the signal and finally provide cellular phone services in a manner as provided all the world over. Of course it would mean more expensive mobile phone service but isn’t our own health priceless?

So this was not simply a case of the Not In My Own Back Yard syndrome that residents of Peddar Road have been unfairly accused of , but truly an attempt to raise consumer awareness.

  • Mobile towers in Mumbai are installed in a very haphazard way because there aren’t proper guidelines or regulations in place. 
  • The radiating antennae are in clusters of 10 or 20 consuming much more power than required just so that each Mobile company gets higher coverage. 
  • The antennae emit a much higher wattage than permitted in most countries.
Cops in a huddle

The health hazards caused by the EMF radiation from Mobile towers include headaches, sleep disturbances, memory loss, fatigue, miscarriages, birth defects and deformities, heart problems, brain tumours and cancers like Leukaemia.

Effects of radiation have been documented all over the world and we should learn from other’s mistakes/follies. Why should we wait for hundreds of people to die before we take corrective action?

A snail on the road today

What would you rather choose ? 
pay more money today for safer mobile phone service?
orpay with your life and health for cheaper mobile phone service?

Author: Unishta

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