Monthly Archive: June 2012

Vishnu’s gone on holiday yet again! 0

Vishnu’s gone on holiday yet again!

So it’s holiday time for Lord Vishnu yet again and as usual we will be celebrating this day by eating specially prepared “fast food”. Bayda, the bai has already kept the saboodana soaking overnight ,...

A different Mumbai Sky 1

A different Mumbai Sky

Yesterday my sky was dark and gloomy when I woke up in the morning. This was quite a dampner as I had planned a day out at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With family...

Preserving a mother’s legacy 0

Preserving a mother’s legacy

Ro, one of Hubby dear’s dearest friends called up early this morning with the news that she was going “Gara” shopping.” Hey, I’m going to Naju Daver’s this evening, would you like to come?”...

The logic of Life 0

The logic of Life

Introduction to Logic I can never forget that first day of college when I heard the term LOGIC. What was used so freely by us – namely in describing people like  XYZ who were...

Fashion and the World Economy 0

Fashion and the World Economy

A passion for fashion A few years ago I was asked to show a young lady from Harvard Business School the sights of my city. This girl who looked more like a Fashion Major...

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