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Ferarri ki Sawari

With morning shows at PVR now increasing their prices to Rs. 120, we have become even more careful about seeing movies than ever before. So it was strange how “Ferrari ki Sawari” slipped past our stringent criteria. And t make matters worse we saw it as a regular afternoon show which meant that the we forked out Rs. 175 a piece for a movie that was hardly worth it. 

Typically a comedy is one that should make you laugh but at times the story line is so thin , the characters so hackneyed and the dialogue so predictable that the laughter is few and far between. The story revolves around Rusi the dumb looking Parsi Assistant RTO at the Worli Office (the last time a Parsi worked in a Government office at this low level was when His Majesty the King was ruling our country), his typically irascible father and  Kayo the cute cricket mad son. To this group add the crude Marathi Municipal corporator and his family, the pushy Punjabi wedding planner, some Mumbai cops , an  inept servant and watchman, a flashy red Ferrari and a harebrained plot. Shades of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s harrum scarrum story line make his  latest film somewhat watchable but I would largely give it a miss.
Sharman’s inane grin does nothing, Boman’s twitches are all too predictable, Vidya’s item number can easily be zapped out and the Ferrari moving through the sky is down right idiotic.
If you are expecting a laugh a minute riot – forget it. If you are expecting a tear jerker – forget it. If you are expecting an unforgettable movie – forget it.


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