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Telemedicine zindabad ! A catching trend?

Doctor in the House

I am lucky to be blessed by good health and even more lucky to have access to good medical care . Being the daughter of a doctor and the mother of a doctor,  a relative by marriage to several other doctors and a friend to other doctors not covered by the gamut of  my “family” doctors I can get advice for any ailment that strikes my body from head to toe. 

My father having spent most of his life practicing as a general physician despite his specialisation in dermatology has always been my first point of reference and in the recent past Anna Shetty has developed as the new generation doctor along with her new generation therapy . Both these are just a phone call away so whenever I feel uneasy, I just dial a number and whine away and get an instant diagnosis on the spot. No appointments, no waiting in lines, no second opinions . How simple is that?

Very recently Hubby dear was unwell and was treated long distance by my dad. This time it was a rash which needed to be diagnosed: I took a photo of the offending redness, emailed it to my dad who at the crack of dawn came back with a diagnosis and line of treatment.

A likely scenario?

I hope one day this form of medical consultation will be taken a step further where a software enables  you to hook up to a computer and carry out a complete physical check up measuring your pulse, palpating whatever needs to be palpated , percussing whatever needs to be percussed and auscultating whatever needs to be heard thereby enabling the doctor at the other end to figure out what is wrong with you. This will save not only a lot of time and cause timely treatment but will cut down on angst and anxiety waiting for an appointment and interminable waits at hospitals and clinics.

But on the other hand, it will also cut down on spread of infections and several interesting interactions. I can never forget those long waits at the pediatrician’s clinic with two restless kids waiting for a vaccination or a quick visit for a seasonal cold, hoping to keep other more serious infections at bay, listening to some other kid whine and sniffle, overhearing an overbearing parent shouting on the phone and finally being asked a dumb question : Are these really your children? No, I was tempted to say – I am a professional taker of strange babies to pediatricians.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining and would be more than happy to have  my real ailments treated in real time by a real doctor at the end of my virtual world. Perhaps the doctors too would be spared the agony of needless conversation and stupid observations by patients ever ready to give their own take on their own symptoms and disease.


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