It’s raining, it’s pouring.

And no, this old woman is not snoring. In fact I’m contemplating :
a) should I curl up in bed and read a book?
b) should I curl up in bed and watch tv?
c) should I go shopping in a mall?
d) should I go for a stroll in the garden and get wet?
e) should I clean up the cupboard that’s already be cleaned?

These are amazing choices for someone who really has nothing to do.

Today is one of those wet monsoon days when everything is grey and gloomy.
It is a day when light  rainfall is the sound you hear in the background.
It is a day which goes from shades of grey to almost white when the sun tries hard to peep out.
It is a day when gusts of wind blow umbrellas inside out.
It is a day when rivers of mud come gushing down the hillside
It is a day when wet skin wrinkles and crinkles from  deep puddles on the road.
It is a day  of muddy footsteps and  toweled heads after a welcome hot shower.
It is a day of cups of tea with biscuits dunked to breaking.
It is a day to catch up with friends on endless calls on  telephone.
It is a day to watch a flic with richly buttered popcorn
It is a day to bake a cake and inundate the house with smell of vanilla
It is a day to paint scene or put photos away in albums
It is a day when carpets fly, when clothes don’t dry.
It is a day to watch out for the giant waves that buses make
It is a day to sail paper boats, play tic tac toe or a round of two of Bridge
It is a day to hear old songs and read a book or flick through picture magazines.
It is a day when taxis stop and all the cars start honking
It is a day when huge droplets fall from crashing waves against the rocks.
It is a day when all the world is just a  blob of a modern impressionist painting.
It is a day when I’m so glad to be at home doing nothing.

Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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