An Olympic Disappointment.

I was channel surfing this evening when I came upon the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and decided to give it a go especially since I had missed the Opening ceremony which was billed as FANTASTIC. All through the games I foolishly  thought I’d catch a re-run of the opening ceremony but why would they waste air time when major live events were going on.

Brought up in a newly independent India suffering majorly from a hangover of the British Raj, I was always made to believe that everything best was truly British. Despite the fact that we Indians were happy to see the British go, we were secretly in awe of their systems, their disciplines and their luck that gave a tiny nation the power over half the world.

Undoubtedly the British are great event managers and have pulled off  amazing shows with their attention to detail and precise execution. Like several people world wide, I have watched their Royal weddings and funerals goggle eyed. But I must say I was disappointed with the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Queen and now even more so with the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. More of a tribute to British Pop rather than a salute to the athletes and Britain’s great sporting tradition, I frankly got a big head ache. The show was a real mish mash of trash – a re-hash of of multiculturalism which seems to be the new anthem of modern Britain which resulted in a show that was simply awful. How starved are a country for talent that they had to bring back two stars from the dead ( John Lennon with Imagine and Freddy Mercury with a song that was totally inaudible to me on my ESPN channel), put together a one last time performance of ex-pop divas, have an out of place group of Indian drummers and  Bhangra dancers jamming with a confused  Eric Idle, a Prima Ballerina who hardly pirouetted and finally a performance by the WHO looking distinctly old and jaded. No amount of Spice, London Cabs , fire works and pyrotechnics could lift  up a ceremony that was distinctly mediocre at times and decidedly bad the most.

Seeing this pathetic show, I was really glad that Britannia no longer rules the world.

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