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Rows of lipstick
Rows of lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every now and then, when there’s a dip in the economy, there is an article that correlates lipstick sales to an economic recession. I of course have another theory – the minute fashion turns to India for inspiration, you can be sure there’s a recession round the corner. But that is just my theory straight from the top of my head validated only by my observations of haute couture trends over the years. However, there is one fact I can vouch for : Lipstick correlates to being happy. Perhaps it is something to do with my lipstick shopping which is generally at an Airport mall where the salespersons offer the best advice, accustomed  as they are to different skin types and different racial types. They also have the knack of making you feel special in that one hour you have till your flight is announced.

But, with the weather swinging from muggy and gloomy to grey and wet the last two weeks, I was badly in need of some retail therapy to increase my happiness quotient and with no imminent flight in sight, I decided to go to Palladium to raise my level of happiness.

The moment I walked through the door, I felt my spirits rise like the phoenix : there was Zara on one side, and Burberry‘s on the other. I could spot Chanel and Clarins on the ground floor and could hardly resist the escalators that were beckoning me upstairs to check out Estee, Mac and Clinique.

Chanel cosmetics at the Galeries LaFayette in ...
Chanel cosmetics at the Galeries LaFayette in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first stop at Chanel was disappointing because the salesgirls were as frosty as their range of frosted lipsticks and absolutely refused to allow me to take photos for my blog without prior permission from the management???? Come on, they were selling cosmetics not InterContinental Ballistic Missiles! Peeved as I was, I decided that with their limited range and stiff prices ( Rs. 1950 a piece), I’d be better off shopping elsewhere.

So I toodled off to Lancome at the Galleria’s lower level across from Palladium which I was told during an earlier visit was getting their new collection in June/July.  Lancome lipsticks apply really well and the salesgirls are helpful and great fun to be around with. Unfortunately my favourite salesperson was not around and besides, I secretly wanted to visit the Estee Store which had promised a special discount to all those ladies who had attended their workshop at the club.

After two hours looking out for the perfect lipstick, I came up with quite an insight into lipstick shopping:

  • Buy a lipstick only if you really need it – they often dry out in your cupboard
  • Always buy lipsticks in India because they are specially suited for our climate – lipsticks bought overseas especially in the Winter tend to melt in Mumbai leaving your hand bag a gloopy mess
  • A good lipstick doesn’t discolour the lips and is hydrating and long lasting

What to buy?

Depending on your personal choice, you can have shimmery lips, glossy lips or matte lips. And this depends on what you are comfortable with and the occasion. Do you want your lip colour to be subtle? Or do you want your lip colour to pop? Do you like the wet look or a rich creamy feel?

While lipsticks are priced differently, what is of prime importance is- 
           what shade or texture suits you best.

The Brand

You can find lipsticks to suit every pocket but ALWAYS go with a good brand. Quality comes with a price and you are priceless. Don’t pooh pooh Indian brands : they are really good.  Lakme is not only well priced but has gorgeous shades that really go well with Indian skins and the colours we like to wear.

But if you really want to go luxe,and feel special and pampered,  there’s nothing like Chanel, Lancome and Estee. With Chanel being the most expensive of the three and Estee having a limited choice, I’d say the best place to shop for a lipstick would then be at a Lancome store.

English: A Dior Lipstick Deutsch: Dior Lippenstift
English: A Dior Lipstick Deutsch: Dior Lippenstift (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But for sheer colour and that kiss me quick feeling you just can’t compare with Dior. The brilliant shades will drive you crazy for choice and the lipsticks are so smooth and easy to apply. And they are long lasting and just gorgeous. Unfortunately they are not available yet in Mumbai…………

In case you aren’t inspired to  hit the stores and buy those lipsticks to get your lips smacking, just click on this happy Cliff Richard number.

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  1. michelle777 says:

    Hi I love what u have written abt lipsticks and also agree that when there is recession, women all over the world tend to take more care of their looks with well-made up faces and their pouts are especially prominent.I totally agree with you that Dior is the lipcolor which has everything a girl would want in a lipcolor.
    I fell in love with Dior around 6 years ago when a cousin travelling abroad picked up some for me
    It was Dior addict in pink and when u apply it on your lips u know u really feel world-class.
    I am a Dior addict and would not mind shelling out a few thousands for it but its not available here yet. AWWW.

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