Post Script to a strange Saturday in Mumbai

My father whose boss gave us the dog, sent me the following story . It seems that I had got the time line wrong and the Boss didn’t lose an eye in battle. 

This is what he had to say
“I didn’t realise you were so close to the riot area !
My boss didn’t lose his eye in 8th Army. He got his MC. The story he related was that he injected morphia to a Brit soldier pinned under a tank. As it was not possible to reach him my boss had devised a mechanism with a bamboo at the end of which was attached a syringe with injectable Morphia. When my boss prepared to prick the unfortunate suffering Brit, the wretch had the gall to shout at my boss” Nigger don’t touch me !!” (Incidentally the practice of giving morphia to a shocked accident victim has long been given up by Military surgeons.) MC was pinned on my bosse’s tunic by “Monty” himself in the field.
My boss lost his nose and one eye in a car accident at Chandigad. He was going to the airport to catch a flight to Delhi where he was going to meet my boss to arrange for my posting. At a road crossing his car was hit bang on throwing the boss out of the car. After the initial instant shock boss realised that he had gone blind with one eye and his nose was lying beside him. His liason officer who was travelling with him picked up the injured boss and his nose and instead of flying to Delhi he was rushed to Bangalore where they had planned to stich back his nose. This was a failure and his nose had to be restored by plastic surgery.
During this traumatic experience boss became a pethidine addict. This led to marital discord and his wife who already was grief stricken after the tragic death of her final year medical student daughter who died of post mumps encephalitis. Boss’s wife left him to marry her son’s classmate !
Son and boss threw out the unfortunate lady.
Soon therafter boss retired from the service and took up an assignment at Muscat. A few years later while in Muscat in a souk he bumped into his ex and her young husband. In a fit of anger boss slapped her and got hit back by the youngster.
Next morning the boss was found dead in his bed !!
This is a true story.”
Thanks Dad, for sharing this great story……..

Author: Unishta

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