Intimate Health Issue or Public Health Debate?

Women’s intimate health, should the issues remain hushed or is it time we spoke out?”

Health and wealth, two issues closest to the human heart are popular topics that can be
discussed at length anywhere at any time. And it seems the more intimate the
problem, the more publicly it is spoken of. Consider this conversation heard in
the lift last night.
“Don’t see much of your mum these days. Is she well?”
“Oh ! She suffers from incontinence and feels embarrassed going
“What a shame, but why don’t you buy Diapers?” and the advisor
goes on to give a complete run down on how he tackled the problem of his own
Also consider this incident that occurred several years ago when
my little girls were still little,  and they
found a sanitary pad slipped under the front door by an overzealous P & G campaign
that  announced its Whisper with a Shout!
Nothing could have been more subtle and for a while this act of irresponsible
marketing actually put me off buying the brand till I found it living up to its
promise of protecting me for those special days.
While health issues need to be discussed to bring to light the
plight of millions of suffering women, I think it is equally important to
discuss issues at relevant platforms. For that matter all issues have to be
discussed in context: it is equally embarrassing to be discussing
men’s health issues for that matter. Jokes about Viagra for instance are in
poor taste and do nothing to promote an intimate man’s issue that needs to
be addressed. 
A lot of information handed out in the name of public interest is damaging
and counterproductive – every doctor will vouch for Doctor Internet or that other equally irresponsible Mrs. XYZ who happily shared her own intimate health issue with all those who cared to hear.  TV, that other God of Wisdom,
that uncovers stories like female circumcision in Africa, female foeticide or other issues closer to home violate the privacy of the individual.
Intimate health issues are intimate – in fact all health issues
are intimate:  
Discussing lack of bladder control is equally disconcerting as
discussing dengue or malaria. Suffering  an intimate health
issue is bad enough but worse still to have it discussed in public fora.
So while I feel women’s health issues should not be ignored, there is no need to make public announcements to increase public awareness. 
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