The life of Pi – A Fine line between fantasy and ludicrousness

After almost a month Jo and I managed to see a movie. Since we are now discerning movie viewers given the ridiculously high cost of movie tickets these days, our movie viewing has become restricted to only those that have come highly recommended.

Since ” The life of Pi” came highly recommended especially since it was made by the Director of  “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” a movie I loved , we decided to make this the one movie we had to  watch especially since both of us were enchanted by the book. But, strangely enough neither of us remembered the book except for the fact that it was a story of a boy named Pi and his adventures with the animals on a small boat.

That said, it would have seemed easy enough to go with the flow and just enjoy the movie as very often movies fail to live up to the book. However, this 3D movie , which may be technically fantastic, actually left me feeling bored at times with the seemingly endless shipwrecked Pi fighting the Bengal Tiger called Richard Parker. I was not in the least fascinated by the flying fish, the whales and the storm which was so realistic that I honestly am scared to travel now for fear of being shipwrecked or cast off at sea somewhere waiting to be rescued.

I hated the carnivorous island as I did the vicious hyena and found the animals incredibly cruel. Half way through the movie we were actually waiting for the end which when it came was a complete let down. So the ultimate verdict – This movie is a total bore and ff you like spending the better part of your day underwater in a fish tank, this movie is for you. As for me, I could actually smell the water all around me, imagine the bubbles coming through my nose and came out of the theatre feeling my fingertips wrinkled after a good swim in the pool!

The Life of Pi is totally avoidable.

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Author: Unishta

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