Annus horribilis – Thoughts at the end of the year

chinese fishing nets found in fort cochin kerala
chinese fishing nets found in fort cochin kerala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Six lane section of Kochi Bypass ...
English: The Six lane section of Kochi Bypass near Vytila (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Latin phrase meaning ” a year of horrors” was first brought into the public domain by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 in her New Year address of 1992. The Americans promptly dubbed it the year which was a bummer and I must say I couldn’t agree more. A Bum Year seems a more apt translation than horror which implies something scary  and terrifying.

The year was not all bad:  infact it couldn’t have started off better! Basking in the joy of having successfully celebrated a family wedding, we went for  a short holiday to Kochi. It was a wonderful weekend at Anna Shetty’s house which was marred by some terribly unsettling news, news which unsettled me so much that by the end of the year I was pretty much unravelled, dealing with an emotional crisis, sleepless nights  and  health issues including having to deal with a TIA.

But of course, 2012 was not entirely black. In this seesaw, there were some rays of hope as well – the return of Anna Shetty to Mumbai, the progress on my cook book, a delightful European holiday and some other bits of good news that had me grinning from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t handle the bad news and I spent the better part of the year feeling miserable, helpless, angry , sad, regretful and at times out right suicidal. It is only now with the year coming to a close that I can sense a closure and the composure which I always wanted to have.

As they say, these days will also pass and this horrible year is finally coming to an end. Every year I find the days passing faster and faster as though I’m on a spinning wheel but this year has been paradoxically moving  fast and slow at the same time. Fast because it went by in a whizz (thank God for that) and slow because of several days of needless and mindless agony.

The week before Christmas was particularly horrible with TV channels blaring news abut the horrific gang rape of a young girl in Delhi. While I feel that nothing really changes, it doesn’t mean we do nothing. Like most people I feel that the rapists MUST be punished – castration would perhaps be the best according to me, killing them off would be the next best option because that way a criminal is eliminated but on the prevention side, my suggestion would be a proper identification and exposure of the rapist – i.e. his name, his parents’ name and his face should be widely publicised so that it may be sheer shame that would deter someone from committing a crime. I mean it is idiotic especially in a clear case like the current one where there is NO DOUBT at all about who the rapists were to hide their identities behind a sack or not reveal their names.

In an attempt to ring in the new on a better note, I’ve spent the better part of this month cleaning up, clearing up, re-visiting old hobbies and getting things in order. I hope when the Old Man is set ablaze on several street corners of a city that is surprisingly cold this winter, the evil wind that was blowing this year is blown away forever and the winds of change bring good cheer.

   Undoubtedly ,after an Annus horribilis I could do with an Annus miribilis.

Good wishes to all ! May 2013 bring you luck, love, good health and happiness.

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