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Sleeping Beautifully

A recent acquaintance with  Transient Ischemia brought home to me the importance of  good sleep. Lame as it may sound, the key to good health ( apart from many others) is a good sleep. Yes, Sleeping Beauty got it right when she woke up rested after years’ of good sleep!

The connection is quite simple – if you don’t get a good night’s rest, you are tired the next day and if you are tired the next day, you don’t function properly which means you do everything wrong right from eating to exercising which means gradual weight gain and its attendant problems. Of course you can’t blame everything on sleep – you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and of course have good genes. But if you can do something about getting good sleep, you should make sure you do it quick.

The first thing you would need for a good sleep is a good bed which in actual fact means a good mattress. Having grown up in an era where a mattress was a mattress, I didn’t give much thought to what made a good mattress good till I went to the US of A and found out that you actually needed to know all about sleep and mattresses to make the right choice. Little did I realise that a few years later, I would be doing a similar exercise in amchi Mumbai – searching for the right mattress.

I combined my search with a walk and went to Foam Home where I found myself confronted with the same question I had heard in the US : what kind of mattress do you want? Since I couldn’t understand the technicalities, I just slept on each of the mattresses and found the one that best suited my needs and my budgets. There are, its seems, all kinds of mattresses starting from the very basic HDPE to the most complicated top-of-the pops which had latex combined with Orthogel. Incidentally Orthogel itself came in three variations – Visco Gel whch only relieves pressure points, Latex Gel which is constructed with 5 different zones and Ergo Gel which is made of 100% pure polyurethane foam and a 3 zone high load bearing layer at the base.

Obviously these don’t come cheap but if you consider the amount of money you would spend at the hospital or at the Physiotherapist, it would be definitely worth it! Because , to use the L’Oreal tagline


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