A stitch in time saves your mind

Photo showing the bobbin on a Singer sewing ma...
Photo showing the bobbin on a Singer sewing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my quest for calming my troubled soul, I try and find different activities to help me go forward with my life. Some activities are really soothing  – yoga, long walks, meditation, yakking with friends, watching movies, and trying new recipes. Today I re-discovered an old craft and found out  how therapeutic sewing really is.

Perhaps it is something to do with my childhood memory of my mother sewing away on her trusty electric Singer. I remember coming home every day from school, for a whole year, to find a new dress!My mother was so excited with her new machine that she couldn’t stop using it! Though I didn’t particularly love needle work at school, I loved sewing and would stitch up wardrobes for my dolls with the little scraps from my mother’s sewing. And when I grew up and had children of my own, I spent hours making clothes for them. Alas! a time came when the girls were embarrassed by their home sewn clothes and wanted more trendy, branded clothes. So I packed up my sewing machine and pulled it out only for the odd job of darning or fixing a seam that came undone.

Two weeks ago when I was looking around for clothes for Anna Shetty I realised that I could easily run her up some tops rather than beg of the tailor who happily pushes my job in the corner when another”more urgent” one comes his way ; so I went to the market and picked up some  block printed cotton fabric in lavender and purple with the intention of making a peasant top. Today I resurrected my sewing book and made a paper pattern, cut out the fabric and began to stitch. It wasn’t easy because the machine was as rusty as my skills. I struggled a fair bit with the tension, looked for the instruction manual which I couldn’t find and almost gave up in frustration. But, I kept my cool and managed to stitch up the garment for Anna Shetty to try out. I plan on finishing  it  tomorrow.

I am glad I persisted because the familiar rumble of the sewing machine and the even stitches in straight lines helped me get back a sense of calm. Thank you,  Anna Shetty for expressing a desire to wear something home made once again!

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