The Return of the Tibetan Sweater Sellers

English: A laughing baby under winter clothes ...
English: A laughing baby under winter clothes Русский: Улыбающийся ребёнок в зимней одежде (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While walking through the park last night,
I saw a young mother taking her children home.
While she like me, dressed in normal clothes,
her toddler was togged out in winter clothes –
warm woollens to keep out the cold,
And her babe in arms was like an Eskimo child,
dressed in a “furry” hoody, all bundled up.

Yes! Our Mumbai Winter is finally here.
Early and actually cold.
For those living in colder climes it would seem strange
to see a populace shiver so
In  all of 15 degrees Celcius ( for that’s what it really was)
but shiver indeed we do.

The air is distinctly chilly
And late at night and early  morning
smoggy fog descends,
enshrouding the city in a mist of sorts
while we cuddle under blankets brought out from lofts.

It is the perfect weather for morning walks
Or strolling in the afternoon
Drink cups of tea all day long,
Or munch biscuits dipped
In hot chocolate.

And the Tibetan sweater sellers are back
On street corners by the station.
They do brisk business as they sit in packs
Unwrapping bundles of coloured sweaters.
Their bronze cheeked faces crinkling
Up in Mumbai’s unfamiliar blazing sun.
They will stay here a few days more
Like our capricious Winter season
And when the kites fill up our sky
The Tibetan sweater sellers bid us good bye
To come again another year
Another Winter season.

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