Thoughts of the last tree standing

English: Mango tree in full bloom
English: Mango tree in full bloom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Humans, they say have a mid-life crisis.
A man when reaches the age of forty,
Begins to question his existence and wonder
Why he was put on this earth.
It would seem strange but I too as a Mango tree, Seem to be having a mid life crisis.
Just short of turning forty three.

Why am I here? I ask myself, the only one
Still left standing.
What really is my destiny?
Long time ago this place was full of trees that bloomed and blossomed and bore fruit.
There were other trees that were cut for firewood and others for timber.
But now I am the only one left and I wonder for how much longer.
For all around me when I see a veritable concrete jungle
A place where once forest stood, home to birds and beasts is now a place for only humans, men who don’t need trees like me.
As long as I continue to bear fruit, man will let me stay but the moment I get old and useless,
he will definitely cart me away – cut into logs of wood and make me into a wooden chest to fill with blankets he never uses.
Alas!I am the lone tree standing in what was once a forest dense. So is it any wonder then
that gradually I begin to fear the fate that seems to be
waiting round a distant corner, biding time for me to be the
“once upon a time this was the only tree left of what was once a forest in antiquity.”

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