Happy tired or tired happy, basically I am tired and happy.
Tired because I’ve spent a whole afternoon shopping
Happy because I spent the whole afternoon with Anna Shetty.

Garment District (clothing retailer)
Garment District (clothing retailer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a vibe about Phoenix Mills which makes you really happy. At any given time the place is a buzz and with every shop with boards flashing SALE, the place is even more happening. And unlike most days when footfalls do not translate into ringing cash registers, the bi-annual sales actually see happy people with wide grins and shopping bags. Though End of Season Sale is a bit of a misnomer for there is really no season in Mumbai which ends – it just moves seamlessly from one hot day to the next………However, we have to move with the times and if the fashion gurus say it is the end of a season, who are we to complain? For finally Sales do translate into savings.

Gone are the days when sales meant a marginal discount on shabby merchandise. Today’s shops actually have stuff that you can wear and use without feeling apologetic about purchasing during a SALE. In fact the savvy shopper would do well to wait and strike bargain. Last week high end shops at the spiffy Oberoi Towers had  fashionistas picking up  Ferragamo and Jimmy Choos for half the marked price!

But like with every other deal do not forget : caveat emptor. This afternoon we picked up a garment at ZARA from a rack distinctly marked ALL Rs. 1399 ( or some such figure ) only to find that the garment was marked down only 10% unlike the promised 40 and we had to shell out Rs. 2000+. I was quite horrified as was Anna Shetty and we had half a mind either to insist that ALL was a collective noun which applied to each and every garment or return the piece . The surly sales girl at the counter told us that ALL meant that the garments started from the stated price but could vary…….Obviously she knows only Spanish.

Since Anna Shetty really liked the garment and it fitted her well, we went ahead and bought it rather than spoil a good afternoon by higgling and haggling……….but buyer truly beware – Do not get seduced by the tantalizing offer of 50% off –  the January sales often have merchandise that you could do well without, or they could be marked wrongly or they could even be damaged.

p.s. And if you’ve missed this season’s sale, you can wait till July when the shops of Bombay are far better to hang out in than the wet and miserable streets!

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