A disappointing festival

With Anna Shetty embarking on her fourth day of “doing nothing”, we decided to go to the Kala Ghoda Festival. Started out as a platform for art and culture, this fair has gradually deteriorated into one big Indian bazaar and like all Indian bazaars was crowded and noisy. The theme for this year’s festival seems to be “Recycling” but most of the exhibits were sadly depressing and ugly.

With heightened security we had to pass through metal detectors
and walked into the enclosure behind thinking that we’d be searched.
Surprisingly enough it was occupied by three women constables lounging
lethargically on the ground!
This installation made of corrugated cardboard had several people sitting
 on the furniture made out of cardboard

The unusual traffic near the University should have alerted us to the big mess that lay ahead but nothing prepared us for the crowds on a Friday afternoon!

It really seemed as though the entire city was out on the road.

Most people were busy taking photographs, posing with the installations or indulging in that other Great Indian Pass time – eating at the numerous stalls.

The answer to combat pollution? Not if you have to travel on crowded roads, competing with
undisciplined traffic, buses that have licence to kill  and countless pot holes!
A stall selling book marks for kids.
Honestly, which kid reads these days?
This stall selling indegenious wooden toys
 which can ordinarily bought at the Museum’s Shop

I loved this installation of crawling ants
made out of old motorcycles

A troupe of folk artists entertaining a disinterested crowd

An installation of the quintessential Bombaywallah:
the Dabbawallah towering above the crowd
A stall selling beaded belts and other accessories
An installation of a woman’s world. I loved the funky stuff.

A stall from andhra Pradesh selling leather puppets

An interesting skull made out of motherboards and other computer accessories

A hammock made out of bundles of newspaper
A stall from Chennapatam selling traditionally made wooden articles with a modern twist.

Part of the “Radical Garden” , an installation in the  car park, capturing yet
another ugly aspect of Mumbai’s Gardens

Some more recycled stuff and even more ugliness.
This time with a high creepy  factor included

The Great Indian Bull

And finally – the cops. Ironically there were so many of them around
 just  on a day which lamented of the poor ratio of cops to the general public!
The Queen’s Necklace Tetrapods and all

All in all, like every year, this festival too is much ado about nothing!

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