iPad woes

Call me dumb but I must be one of the few people who haven’t fallen in love with my iPad. In fact I am seriously finding this one gadget that has increased my stress levels.

All those years ago when computers were just about making their way into people’s  homes, I remember my five year old niece from America asking me what I wanted a computer for. At that time I was quite aghast at her effrontery especially since she had just got herself gifted a PC by her indulgent father. So when I told her that I wanted one to place my trusty old typewriter, she just sniffed in condescension .

However, I persisted in my demand, as I persisted in my learning and I’m pleased and proud to say that I mastered this technology all on my own. Of course it helped that I asked around for help from time to time and adopted the strategy of a teenage boy – go ahead and tinker with whatever you want; after all when things go wrong Dad picks up the tab! While my Dad did not pick up the tab, this attitude of being young and fearless helped me attain a proficiency in a technology few of my generation or gender have managed without any formal training.

Thus, having considered myself to be a genius of sorts, I find it completely frustrating to use an iPad .

  • The Internet is not always easily accessible : at least the signal is not always strong. I live almost 500 m away from the MTNL building yet find it hard to get Network. I find a similar problem with wifi.
  • Typing on a touch pad is extremely frustrating for someone like me who likes to hear the tap tap of keys
  • Navigating the screen is another problem with my fat fingers not synchronising with the screen. Unlike the old fashioned key board with its up and down keys, I find it hard to go back and forth in a document .
  • I can’t connect to Zemanta and find the iPad very inconvenient for Blogging.
  • I hate the idea of downloading apps. I mean if every time you want to do something you have to down load it does become inconvenient especially when some applications require wifi for downloading! This I find extremely frustrating especially since my service provider doesn’t supply wifi. This means that I have to lug my iPad to a place which allows wifi.
  • Since I don’t listen to music or watch movies, I find no real use for these functions.
  • Similarly, I find it cumbersome to point my iPad and shoot! Moreover when the photos are not all that great.
  • I find the iPad not very convenient to carry around either. It is not that small to fit in a small bag and it is too delicate to carry just as it is.
  • And since it can’t be used as a phone it is not multi functional either.
So I really wonder of what use is the iPad to me? 
A word of caution to all those wanting to “upgrade” to this technology – be absolutely sure you want this gizmo. You are better off with a Notebook or Tablet if you just want to type and as for photographs and music and movies  – you can’t really replace the camera, the music system and of course the big screen movie experience.


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