From the sky and down below

I’ve been away from Skywatch for quite a while now only because I remembered to post after the day is done! So this week I decided to post before the day dawns and to mark this re-entry, I chose to put up my pictures from a plane.

I’ve always wondered how people managed to take photographs from aeroplanes and when I finally managed to do so during my trip to Udaipur last month, I forgot to put them up on Skywatch so before the photos get too dated, I thought I’d share this view from so many miles up in the sky.

My first shot of the ground below

Later on in the flight as the sun rose up in the sky, the air became murkier and the glare quite strong.

These pictures are not magnificent or breathtaking or even spectacular but it was indeed a thrilling moment for me to take my first ever pictures from a plane.

A glimpse of the Udai Vilas Palace Hotel as seen  from the small hunting lodge on the property of the Trident Hotel.

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  1. You did a fantastic job capturing the clouds from the plane. I love sitting by a window and watching what fly's by.

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